Finest British Worsted Wool


Our wool starts it's life upon the fells and downs of the British countryside. The garments we produce use Worsted* wool which is hand graded for the finest quality and fibre thickness. The wool is then scoured, a cleaning operation that removes excess oils, dirt and dead fibres.

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To remove any short fibres the wool is then combed. Removing these short fibres ensures the wool will be less likely to pill or ball-up on the finished garment. Combing also ensures the fibres are parallel and ready for spinning. The wool is then dyed in a very gentle process so as not to damage the fibres.

The next step is to draw the wool. This prepares the wool for the worsted spinning frame by determining a defined weight and levelness, allowing for a very even final yarn. The yarn is then spun and twisted on semi-automatic spinning frames with a vacuum extraction system to remove contamination. The twisting process ensures the yarns are at their optimum strength and softness for knitting.

Our traditional Guernsey sweaters are knitted with close stitches from tightly twisted wool and this gives it its ability to withstand sea spray and rain. The result is a strong, long lasting garment that will hold its shape better in both wear and washing.

* Worsted wool gets it's name from the village of Worstead in Norfolk, one of the manufacturing centres for yarn in the 12th century.