The Alderney

Made locally with 100% finest British Wool on the island of Alderney, Bailwick of Guernsey.

Our Alderney jumper is very special to us because the inception of the company was as a result of the desire to resume production of this very unique jumper. Our current design has developed from the original basic pattern following research into other knitting patterns that were in use at the time that the Alderney came into production. At the center of the pattern is a lion holding a sprig, the coat of arms of our island.

The inspiration for our Alderney comes from the beautiful Island on which we live and the strong desire to maintain as much tradition and 'Island' way of life as possible. Although Alderney has always been strongly reliant on it's sister island Guernsey, it is fiercely independent and determined to keep its own identity. We believe that our Alderney jumper is a good representation of the love and passion we have for our Island and that this will be experienced by the wearer, even if they have never visited Alderney before.

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