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    The guernsey is the mainstay of the Channel Island's knitting industry and can be dated back to the late 15th century. Its primary use was as a garment for fishermen who required a warm, hard wearing, yet comfortable item of clothing that would resist the wind and sea spray. The hard twist of tightly packed worsted wool fibres in the spinning process and the tightly knitted stitches, mean that it is capable of repelling rain and spray.

    Originally, the Guernsey would have been knitted by the fishermen's wives and the pattern passed down from mother to daughter through the generations. Each family would have their own unique pattern so that in the unfortunate event that a fisherman was lost at sea, he could be easily identified afterwards by his jumper.

    Due to their warmth and durability, Guernseys are still a favoured item of clothing for those who appreciate its reliable qualities. There is also a gradual but definite move towards a preference for “environmentally friendly” clothing made from natural, sustainable clothing which a Guernsey satisfies completely.

    Whether as a gift for a loved one or as a practical requirement, a traditional Guernsey is an item of clothing that will stand the test of time and can be enjoyed for many years to follow.

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